Do you have anything for as? (Vodka, Beer ;) Do you want to join us? Are you interested in betatesting?

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Main emails:
  • warzone2100*AT* - Technical support, membership etc.
  • NIKER - Webpage, K-I-C-K, P-U-R-E, VSC, KMS, BecomePrey AI,Script Encryptor

    Members active in last 3 months and tasks:
  • NIKER - BecomePrey AI development, PURE1.11b5 development
  • Trueblues - BecomePrey AI betatesting

    HERE is my customized version of mIRC Chat. Download it and follow instructions, you'll be taken to our channel.

    Manual client configuration:
  • Name: GameSurge
  • Server:
  • Ports: 6667
  • Group: GameSurge

    /join #WarzoneEliteForce