Warzone Elite Force clan was invented according to my K-I-C-K mod development. We are called just "Elite Force", Czech veterans of WARZONE 2100 game.
You may join us if you're interested in playing Warzone. The only thing you need is working copy of WARZONE 2100 game (I don't mean original CD ;)


And advantages?
  • Meet some new friends
  • News from WARZONE 2100 world to your email
  • Technical support 7 days per week provided by me :)
  • Possible netplays with other members
  • Make your OWN work with our help.
    What that membership costs you??
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • You just play and comment others work :)

    For Elite Force - NIKER

    Picture - Link Fortress (K-I-C-K Mod)