KMS2 is ultimate tool to install modules which may contain mods and maps, static AI, modifiable Rules files and in-game background theme.

KMS2 (K-I-C-K Mod Switcher II) - version 2.2! Please review the notes below before using!
For interactive tutorial on how to use KMS2 click HERE, for complete list of KMS2-MODULE features click HERE.

Core program:
  • added support for custom WARZONE.exe in mods
  • added DELETE feature for modlist
  • fixed minor problems in GUIDE-FILE compiler
  • new more reliable AI backup system suitable for AI developers
  • fixed default values for BOT Rules and Advanced Video Setup
  • few modifications in GUIDE-FILE deriver
  • improved debug mode access
  • fixed Readme Viewer and Warzone Launcher to handle long filenames in path
  • added intro animation

  • fixed BOT Rules to avoid known bugs
  • final version of P-U-R-E 1.11 patch included
  • fixed crashing of PURE1.11 in multiplayer
  • added better support for future AIs in PURE1.11
  • mod blacklist updated


    BecomePrey AI 2.92 for PURE1.11 - This module contains AI only. Make sure you're using KMS v2.2 if you encounter an error! All necessary prerequisities like PURE1.11 are activated automatically.

    BecomePrey AI 2.90 PFR for 1.10 - This module contains AI only. Make sure you're using KMS v2.1+ if an error occurs! PFR version is not yet official and may change.

    K-I-C-K mod version 1.13 Release Candidate 3 - This module contains newest version of K-I-C-K mod!
    (NOTE: K-I-C-K mod 1.10+ is crashing in multiplayer)

    K-I-C-K mod ALL-IN-ONE (1.01 to 1.13RC1) - This module contains major versions of K-I-C-K mod up to v1.13RC1!

    LiveOrDie mod version 1.1d - This module contains latest version of LOD mod! This is the MUST for every Warzone player!!!
    NOTE: If you experience crashing to desktop, try not to build any Stinger-based weaponry!

    KMS2-BackDrop themes:

    BecomePrey 2.80 for 1.10 theme - This module contains theme compiled from my WZ screenshots.

    K-I-C-K 1.12 theme - This module contains original K-I-C-K 1.12 BackDrop theme.

    KMS2-AddOns and special features: